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About Us

What is Refrigeration?

Refrigeration system can simply divided into only 3 basic components - Compressor, Condenser & Evaporator coil.

The most expensive or costly parts to be repaired in refrigeration system is the Compressor. It is actually the heart of the system. The lung is the Condenser of the system and the stomach is the evaporator coil of the system. The blood vessel is like the refrigeration pipe linking the complete system where else refrigerant gas is like the blood.

So, are you now have a better picture of what you are looking for?
Many customers or end-users DO NOT understand the items they are going to buy, but end up with a high operational cost in their day to day business, because they do not get the right equipment, but, mainly based on bottom price during their decision making. The company lose money every month due to the wrongly selected and designed system from unqualified or unethical businessman who sell only for profit.( Supermarket expenses for Refrigeration is more than 30% to 40% normally, but we can help you reduce to further above 15% to 25%)

Why do you claim your smart reduction in Energy?


If you want a good cooling system, the "Stomach" must be correctly designed, where good temperature can be achieved.

To get cheap cost, the heart will be smaller, but, less efficient in operation.
To get low monthly energy bill, the condenser should be big enough to reduce the compressor running time.
Each and every one of the components are interlink with each other systematically to provide good efficiency in the operation.

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As from the above guide lines, we provide you for FREE Consultation, please use it as your selection tool or call us for more or further advice. (Above is just the BASIC)

Our refrigerator are manufactured by using high quality components and parts to minimal the energy consumption. You can also be assured that all our refrigeration is proven with their quality, excellent function, and high performance.

AA Supercool Enterprise prides itself on its reputation for product quality and customer service. Contact us now for more details.

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